The Results in Advance Planning Process

APRIL 16TH, 2019 | 30:51 | E2

Erick and Jon discuss what to do 5 years out from retirement, having enough for retirement, when to talk to an advisor, and when to take social security. Erick also explains the Results in Advance Planning Process.


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00:00 What should you do when 5 years out from retirement? (Hint: debts should be paid, and it’s all about budgets!)

07:20 How do we make sure what we save for retirement exceeds what we need for retirement? Also, how to make sure you’re on the same page as your partner.

14:00 It’s never to early to start planning, but when is a good age to start talking to a financial advisor?

22:00 When should you take social security? There’s a lot of conflicting information out there – Erick sorts it out.

26:30 The Results In Advance Planning Process – Erick explains this approach to taking point on your retirement.

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