Our purpose is to simplify investing and give thoughtful and intelligent advice to people who desire to achieve added peace of mind regarding their financial affairs. We will do this by working diligently to deliver the best possible investment counsel and exceptional personal service.


We aspire to foster a close and enduring relationship with our clients in order to instill confidence and trust in our abilities, our judgment, and our character.


The interests of our clients come first.
We act with honesty and integrity.
We have an unyielding commitment to service.
Our success lies in the managing of our client relationships.
We behave in a manner that encourages trust.

Building a sound portfolio through strong relationships

Erick Arnett and his team at Retirement Wealth Advisors are long-standing and independent financial services and retirement consultants.  His team seeks to help clients make
the important connections among their investments, risk tolerance, and long-term retirement and financial goals.  They also provide the knowledge,
experience, and individualized guidance needed to create solutions relevant to your total financial planning. Think of us as the CEO of your financial life.

Portfolio risk analysis

Most people greatly underestimate the potential to lose money on their investments. Many former Enron employees had their entire 401(k)s invested in Enron stock. An overly conservative investment approach, however, can leave people short of money when they need it most. You don’t want to be looking for a job when you are 75 years old. By helping clients understand risk, we can devise strategies to help limit the possibility of devastating financial losses.

Client control over assets at all times

All clients’ assets are held in their names at the securities firm, trust company, mutual fund, insurance company, or other financial intermediary. Our authority over a client’s account is limited to the ability to direct transactions among investment options.

Money Management

Very few people can afford to retire on just their savings. Our investment strategies seek growth at a reasonable level of risk, with the goal of putting the clients’ savings to work for the long term.

Risk management

Diversifying investments is just the beginning of risk management. Investors also need to continually adjust their holdings based on changes in the financial markets. Risk management means moving to higher ground when the floodwaters rise, not just retreating to the roof while the waters destroy your home.

Founded on integrity and duty

Erick Jon Arnett

Erick Jon Arnett is an experienced independent investment advisor who has been helping individuals, families, and business owners for over 20 years pursue their financial goals and create financial freedom.

Erick is most proud of his military service and the values, ethics, and principles he learned as a soldier serving his country. He honors fallen comrades and those still serving within his practice everyday by instilling those same values and serving his clients with honor and pride. 

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